Telehealth (Online Therapy)

The world is changing and online therapy, aka teletherapy, is becoming a new and innovative way to see medical and mental health professionals.

“As a therapist, I was a little unsure about moving all my sessions to telehealth when COVID hit. However, something amazing happened… my clients loved it! Most clients actually preferred telehealth over in-person sessions and decided not to go back to the old way of doing therapy.”

Of course, we want therapy to be comfortable for you and fit your unique needs. We offer your choice of in-person sessions following current guidelines, or telehealth sessions to women of North Carolina.

There are a number of unique advantages that telehealth offers therapy clients. Here are just a few.

✓ Convenience

The convenience of telehealth is among its most beneficial attributes, as it offers clients the ability to fit just their session time into the day as opposed to the requirement of getting ready, driving across town, and returning home afterwards.

✓ Access to Therapists Across the State

No matter where you are in North Carolina, teletherapy gives you access to a wider range of therapists. As well, if you move away you don’t have to worry about finding a new therapist!

✓ Consistency

Telehealth offers you the ability to attend your appointment wherever you are, so even if a long vacation may keep you from your therapist, or a move across the state is in your future, you will still be able to receive the care you need. This consistency is especially useful if you’re in college and might move around over the course of the semester, or if you travel a lot for work and can’t possibly attend in-person appointments every week.

✓ Privacy

Another useful quality of telehealth is the increased privacy that comes along with doing therapy in your own space. This removes concerns of running into friends or colleagues from whom you may wish to keep your attendance in therapy a personal matter. Additionally, being in the comfort of your own home can make it easier to explore deeper emotional work.

✓ Pets Welcome

Women’s Integrative Counseling is a big believer in the healing power of pets! With telehealth, your pet can be with you through your whole therapy process to provide comfort and support.

✓ Safety

In times of flu season or inclement weather, telehealth offers a safe way to keep your therapy appointment consistently without interruption.

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