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Payment Options

All our expert therapists accept self-pay clients, and you can check each therapist’s page for insurance acceptance and self-pay rates.

Self-Pay Explained

Self-Pay is a way to remit payment for therapy services without involving insurance companies. There are some surprising benefits to Self-Pay that are explained below. The rate for Self-Pay service is set based on the provider’s level of expertise and experiences as well as the market rate in the area. With self-pay, your therapist does not bill your insurance directly. Upon request, your provider will happily provide you with the necessary paperwork (called a superbill) to send to your insurance for reimbursement. Obviously, insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed but can be helpful in covering the cost of therapy.

✓ Self-Pay Can Save You Money

We care about people and want you to be able to get the service you need at a rate you can afford. With our sliding scale option for regular appointments, client’s rate is determined by income. This is also a great option for people with high deductibles. Some individuals with high deductibles will pay a cheaper rate for self-pay then paying on their deductible. For example, if an individual has a deductible of $6,000 and the contracted rate is $162.95, the client would be paying the contracted rate until they meet the full deductible. The sliding scale rate may be lower than your deductible, which would add up to a lot of savings!

✓ Self-Pay Allows for Confidentiality

When a provider bills to an insurance company, they typically must provide a diagnosis to justify the treatment. This diagnosis can become part of your permanent medical record. Additionally, therapists can be audited by insurance companies where your notes and assessment are read over to ensure compliance with their regulations. Providers that use the Self-Pay option, however, do not provide any information to the insurance company allowing you to keep your information confidential. With Self-Pay, providers do not have to provide a diagnosis for you, and it you meet criteria for a diagnosis, it remains confidential between you and the therapist.

✓ Self-Pay Puts You and Your Therapist in Control

When a provider bills your insurance company, that company can therefore dictate a large portion of your therapy treatment. For instance, if you prefer or need to have a phone session due to an unexpected event or a COVID-19 scare, that is typically not covered by insurance. Whether you can do Video Teletherapy or in-person sessions is also dictated by insurances. The frequency and duration of appointments is additionally restricted by insurances. When a provider bills insurance, they can dictate if you can have family members or significant others join in sessions. With Self-Pay, who joins the session is up to you and your therapist. Providers who use Self-Pay can offer you with the treatment they feel is best for your concerns without fear of denial of your claim.

✓ Why We Believe in Self-Pay

Due to these reasons, many providers who specialize and are experts in areas of concern only take Self-Pay clients. Providers can give their clients the best possible care if they are able to utilize their clinical instincts versus being mandated by insurances. Providers who specialize also tend to take less clients, offering more flexibility in their schedule, and more freedom for the therapist’s time to focus on continual training as well as being vitalized and ready to help you. Self-Pay allows our therapist to continually focus on improving the quality of care they provide.

Mentaya (Out-of-Network Benefits)

Mentaya is a great option if you have out-of-network benefits and want to avoid paperwork. Here’s how it works: Sign up for Mentaya, and our practice will input your sessions. Mentaya then submits claims, handles insurance follow-up, and ensures you receive reimbursement. They charge a 5% fee per claim, covering paperwork, denials, and insurance calls. Plus, they guarantee successful claim submissions or offer a full fee refund for peace of mind. See if you qualify here:

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